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Our telemetry systems are connected to a telemetry platform for each customer and their needs. This system allows you to control and manage the telemetry devices installed in the machines and make any change in the machine operation, be it prices, offers or functionalities.

What is a Telemetry Platform?

Caslab provides a telemetry platform for vending of the environment of each of its customers based on web technology to provide them with all the necessary tools for the control and management of each of the devices installed in their machines.

From it you can have a real-time view of the status of each of your devices, change any of their behavioral parameters, configure which products are sold for each machine selection and at which prices,maintain the cashless supports being used and the possible bonuses considered depending on where and by whom the user is using these cashless systems, as well as providing an important number of reports with which to get a first analysis of the state of the business.

Telemetry management in cloud

Managing telemetry in the cloud gives you all the advantages of controlling a telemetry platform but in the cloud. This means that you will not need to have all the data on your computer, this data will be stored in a cloud platform that you can access whenever and wherever you want.

It is a totally secure way to store the vending data of your customers but also of all the machines at your disposal. Integrates with all manufacturers of vending machines on the market.


Condition of the facilities.

One of the most important panels of the telemetry platform is the status panel of each device. From it you can see at a glance, where it is installed, the status of the remote connection or the main errors active at that moment.

Remote price management.

A necessary tool to be able to know and modify the prices at which each selection is being sold.

Gestión remota de dispositivos.

Our devices have many behavioral options based on the countless parameters we have given them. In the same way, commands can be sent to the to the different devices, ranging from a simple reset to sending the balance directly to the machine so that the user can retrieve it in the event of a problem. A whole range of possibilities that can be managed from this tool.

Planogram management.

Along with the price management panel, the management of prices and products sold in each selection can be configured from the planogram management. A simple but powerful tool to make this usually laborious task as light as possible.

Cashless support.

A large part of the focus of our cashless systems is based on the identification of users in order to know how much credit they have, to make refunds , what profile they have in order to apply possible bonuses, to obtain EPIs, and so on.

Gestión de bonus.

The user loyalty or offering price improvements according to the user profile is one of the great possibilities provided by our cashless payment systems. In the case of Caslab, we provide a wide range of bonus possibilities, both in terms of credit recharge and price promotions, so that our clients can add value to their users.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The management of the vending machines is carried out from an ERP system specially designed for vending. There are great advantages to using these ERP platforms, especially if you have a large number of vending machines and need efficient management for all of them.