Apis System for Vending

Apis System for Vending

All the tools we have are based in one way or another on a set of APIs that provide all the interface with the business intelligence we can offer.

It is for this reason that we are able to offer a set of functions so that our customers can access the information in their environment without the need to use the tools we commonly offer.

Bidirectional system.

These functions are the ones that we typically offer to the different ERPs in the sector in order to have a two-way connection with them so that we are capable of sending all the information we have for each facility and likewise that the management systems have the possibility to send any information regarding telemetry without the need to use our usual platform.

Development of proprietary APIs.

Likewise, if in any case our customers want to go beyond the apps that we propose in Caslab and prefer to develop their own, we can provide all those functions that are necessary for our clients to see all the ideas that they consider appropriate covered.

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What is an API?

The term API comes from the term Application Programming Interfaces. It allows communication between two different software applications by means of a set of rules established to fulfill specific functions.

Uses and accesses to APIs will largely depend on the API owner and the permissions he/she gives to developers.