Vending Telemetry

Vending Telemetry

Telemetry is any system capable of remotely obtaining measurable information, regardless of the type of information. In different industries, the concept of telemetry has been associated with real-time data acquisition systems for decision making. There are many examples of this, from sports such as Formula 1 to fleet control and the new world of IoT (Internet of Things), which has become so popular in recent times. All these systems aim to obtain information for further decision-making, which can be instantaneous and automated, as well as for further study and execution.

In this sense there are systems that are dedicated solely to the acquisition and sending of data and others that also allow to receive orders that alter some type of behavior.

From the point of view of the unattended vending world, especially in telemetry applied to vending, we will talk about telemetry whenever it is intended to acquire information remotely from the installed machines such as sales, alarms, breakdowns and also, if the systems allow it, remote management of behavior, like pricing management, behavioral parameters, authorization and modification of the prices established on the basis of certain parameters, which may even affect a single customer's purchase.

Data Acquisition
Data Acquisition
ERP Vending
Telemetry Platform

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Data Acquisition

Telemetry obtains data through data acquisition devices installed in the vending machines. This data comes both from the machine users and from the machine itself in real time. They are sensors that control the status of the machine, the available stock, among other data that help to manage the entire vending machine network.

Bidirectionality with ERPs.

Bidirectionality with ERPs is understood as the communication methods we have to send and receive information from the most important ERPs of the industry. From sending EVADTS tickets, real-time sales or breakdowns, to the direct management of prices and planograms of these systems, including ticket captures of collection and audit, sending direct credit to machines, resetting devices, updating firmwares and so on, eveything that each of the management systems allows in this regard.

Our telemetry system has a bidirectional connection between the different ERPs of the industry. In this way, we extend the compatibility with any type of platform you use for the management of your vending machines.

ERP Vending.

Our telemetry systems are connected to an ERP system customized for each customer and their needs. With this system you will be able to control and manage the telemetry devices installed in the machines and change any aspect of the machine's operation, such as pricing, offers or functionalities.