Cashless System for Vending

Cashless Vending

Cashless payment advantages.

From our point of view, and that of many of our customers and the sector in general, payment at unattended machines must gradually shift to these types of "cashless" payments, which will offer obvious advantages such as to these types of "cashless" payments that will allow obvious advantages such as:

  • Start to avoid the need for peripherals that validate and manage the currency, which usually have a high average price and require continuous maintenance, with their associated costs. Wallets and billfolds, among others, are among these types of peripherals.
  • The cash management, security in the transport of currency, counting, fraud, and so on, is one of the major costs in companies where unattended payment is the core of the business.
  • In general, cashless payment systems make it easier for the user to make purchases and, therefore, consumption at the machines is increased.

Caslab basically proposes 4 cashless payment alternatives depending on the environment of the area where the machines are located, because the user profile and therefore the profile of the need for cashless payment, varies significantly depending on whether the facilities are in areas of transit users such as airports, company facilities with workers, spaces with a younger customer profile, and so forth. The proposed alternatives are:

NFC contactless payment systems.

Lite readers, manufactured in-house, which are able to read NFC holders for user identification in our customers' environment.

Currently the vast majority of mobile devices and bank cards have NFC technology, making payments in vending machines much easier and faster.

Mobile payment systems.

With NFC contactless payment your users will be able to make payments with their mobile phone instantly.

Smartwatch payment.

Many smartwatches have NFC payments so they are also compatible with our contactless payment systems.

Payment by credit card.

We offer support for different bank payment readers so that users can make purchases in the vending machine without the need for anything other than a bank card..

App-based payment systems.

From our app, your customers can make contactless payments. This app allows them to recharge from their own credit card and thus have a fund to use in the enabled vending machines.

Support for other cashless systems.

Support for other cashless systems, usually withMDB protocol, developed by third parties. In these cases the users' balance is managed by the method that the cashless system manufacturer deems appropriate.

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What is NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is a wireless technology with a frequency band of 13.56MHz.

It is a technology with which you do not need an Internet connection, therefore it is very useful, since, in case you do not have a secure connection, actions such as payments or authentications can be carried out without any problem.

However, there may be applications that require a stable Internet connection to access the NFC code or even need coverage.

This technology is open to all types of devices, so we will find it in the vast majority of cell phones and electronic devices such as smartwatches.

Its high transmission speed, without the need for pairing, makes it an excellent technology as a payment method.