Data acquisition

Data acquisition

Data acquisition

Telemetry obtains data through data acquisition devices installed in vending machines. This data comes from both the users of the machines and the machine itself in real time. They are devices that control the status of the machine, the available stock, among other data that help the management of the entire machine vending network.

Bidirectionality with ERPs.

Bidirectionality with ERPs is understood as the communication methods we have to send and receive information from the most important ERPs of the industry. From sending EVADTS tickets, real-time sales or breakdowns, to the direct management of prices and planograms of these systems, including ticket captures of collection and audit, sending direct credit to machines, resetting devices, updating firmwares and so on, eveything that each of the management systems allows in this regard.

Our telemetry system has a bidirectional connection between the different ERPs of the industry. In this way, we extend the compatibility with any type of platform you use for the management of your vending machines.

Vending telemetry
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How does a data acquisition system work?

Every vending machine company knows how important is to acknowledge the profitability and efficiency of its vending machines to respond to a successful sales strategy for your business. To this end, the vending machines can capture remarkably interesting data that can help you to better understand your users and your business.

A vending machine data acquisition system uses an electronic device that converts all types of analog signals received by a sensor to a signal in digital format. All changes, such as stock changes, internal machine operation, prices and so on, will be converted into a digital signal that will be sent to a software application, or ERP management system.

The ERP system, will receive that data automatically, in real time. These platforms are easily linked to our data acquisition systems in the vending machines. Within these systems it will be possible visualize, store and analyze all the information received.

There is full compatibility of EVA-DTS ticket data and other telemetry data with the most widely used ERP management programs in the vending industry.

Our devices do this completely wirelessly. They are integrated with LAN and 2G connectivity. This allows the M2M connection to be 100% remote.