All managed from
a single device.

All the services we offer to our customers require the installation of small devices in each of the machines to be managed. These devices, usually called telemeters, are in charge of obtaining and transferring the information related to each of the machines and are capable, to a certain extent, of controlling their operation.

What sets our services apart?

In the case of Caslab, and unlike other devices in the sector, it is very important to point out that our devices are capable of making sales decisions; which are usually called "Masters" in a master/slave configuration, where all the elements of the ecosystem are connected and act according to what the master indicates.

We focus our business on the sector commonly called vending. In this sector, the machines that have devices connected to them basically use 2 communication protocols which are Executive and MDB, although there are other less widespread ones.

Our claim has always been that (independently of the protocol used by the machine and the type of peripheral) that follow these protocols, our devices are the ones who make the sales operation decisions. In other words, they act as masters, although they can also act as cashless payment peripherals and let the machine manage the sale (especially in MDB communication environments).

Almost full control.

With this, what we achieve is to have almost complete control of everything that is going to happen in each machine, and we can obtain information from each of the connected devices and provide instant or delayed information, depending on the case, and, more significantly, in a homogeneous way.

Based on this premise, we are able to offer our customers a broad range of services, ranging from remote management of sales performance, (setting prices and performance parameters.), to providing comprehensive information to the different data processing systems available to each company, to providing a cashless payment system (both private and banking), all using a single device.

Smart Vending is undoubtedly a breakthrough in the world of self-service, which will continue to evolve and adapt to users.

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