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Smart Vending

Smart Vending

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CASLAB specializes in projects aimed at the digitalization of companies whose main business is the sale of products or services in an unattended way, such as vending machines or automatic washing centers.

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Electronic payment systems for vending.


Telemetry for vending

Collects and controls all data from vending machines. Keep track of its status at all times, the sales made, the stock available and the accumulated collection. Valuable information for your management.

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Sistema de pago Cashless

Cashless Payment System

It offers users new currency-free payment systems. The electronic payment or cashless payment system offers great advantages, avoiding fraud situations for users and companies, improving the shopping experience..

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Sistema de APIs

APIs System for Vending

All of our system is based on API technology and we can offer you the best management of your vending machines. We are compatible with the most common ERPs in the industry to offer you a wide range of customized services.

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M2M communication
for vending.

Data acquisition

The correct acquisition of data obtained from vending machines and automatic vending is essential. Our telemetry devices are in charge of acquiring the data obtained by EVA-DTS tickets, real-time information on sales, breakdowns, temperatures...

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Bidirectionality with ERPs

Bidirectionality with the different ERPs is very important to have all the data we need for management. This data can come from different management systems, whether it is sales data, price changes...

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Telemetry platform

Our vending management system is based on a telemetry platform customized to the needs of each customer. Through it, both real-time data and data about the configuration of each vending machine are obtained and managed.

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Control the management of your vending machines.

Condition of the facilities

Check the status of vending machines at all times.

Remote price

Manage and modify product prices remotely.

device management

Control machines remotely and send commands to all devices.

of planograms

A tool that allows you to manage your products in a simple way.


Get information on your users' balance and bonus application.


It offers users the opportunity to get discounts and apply promotions.

Smart Vending Advantages

Smart Vending Advantages.

Smart Vending moves away from traditional payment methods and bets on alternative methods. The integration of new devices, the new vending machines allow users to users to use electronic payment with bank cards, mobile or vending cards using the contactless payment system.


Monitoring of purchasing processes and interaction with the machine.

User Experience

Improve the user experience based on data obtained from user experience.


Save time and money for situations that can be solved from the management platform automatically without travel.

Smart Vending Advantages
Smart Vending Advantages

The digitization has also reached machine management and maintenance. Smart Vending allows an immediate connection between the different machines and the management systems, obtaining real-time data on user interactions with the machines and user purchasing behaviors, as well as machine operation.

The role of Big Data in vending.

Big Data is a fundamental part for Smart Vending management, it gives valuable information to companies, allowing them to create and improve systems the customer loyalty system, promoting personalized offers or improving the range of services offered based on the products most consumed from the machines.

Product customization.

Personalization according to consumer habits is an aspect increasingly used in many establishments and industries, and especially in Smart Vending.Through the study of the immediate interactions of users with machines, companies can study this data and offer a certain type of product according to the profile of the user where the machine is located, but also provides certain offers based on the user accessing the machine's services..

Internal management.

Monitoring all machine maintenance is possible with Smart Vending. The direct connection to the machines allows internal modifications to be made in terms of prices, languages, the switching on and off of the machine... All this without unnecessary commuting and automatically for all devices.

It is also possible to check the correct functioning of the machines and solve easier problems. Smart Vending works with IoT technology, where artificial intelligence plays a key role, machines are connected to management systems that help automate processes and detect malfunctions.

Smart Vending is undoubtedly a breakthrough in the world of self-service, which will continue to evolve and adapt to users.

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