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Caslab is specialized in projects designed for the digitalization of companies whose main business is the sale of products or services in an unattended way, such as, for example, vending machines or automatic washing centers.

The 2 main pillars of our projects.

Data collection


The acquisition of data in sales systems and remote management of their performance, usually known as telemetry systems.

All of our projects are developed with a focus on providing our customers with the necessary tools to be able to incorporate the information generated by their business environment into their knowledge databases for knowledge analysis and decision-making and to achieve remote management of your operations in order to improve all your processes and make them more efficient, which leads to better profitability.

Cashless Payment Systems.

Providing our customers with the possibility of alternative payment systems to the traditional currency payment , commonly referred to as cashless payment systems.

We have an extensive experience in these environments using mobile apps, contactless systems and bank payment systems, both of our own development, as well as those of third parties, which we incorporate to the operation of our systems according to the needs of our customers.

With these alternative payment systems, it is possible to collaborate in the improvement of costs and control of cash management by the companies, avoiding displacements, with safety and accounting of the cash and allowing the end user to have access to purchase systems without the need to use currency.

Cashless Payment

Our goals.


With our services, we achieve the reduction of transportation costs: fuel and vehicles, among other aspects.


Take advantage of employees' time to perform productive tasks that were previously consumed in displacements.


Keeping the machines in an optimal sales state, increasing the number of purchases that users can make.


Reducing environmental pollution generated by the infinity of unnecessary trips during the day.

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